Calendar Developer Tool 11

The Calendar Developer Tool 11 is the number 1 choice in calendaring applications from Formulations Pro. Since it's initial release, more than 1000 companies and developers world-wide have purchased and/or customized the Calendar Developer Tool from Formulations Pro. It has received rave reviews from FileMaker Inc., being posted as a featured solution on the Collections web site. The elegant Aqua interface of the Calendar Developer Tool showcases the extraordinary talent of the Formulations Pro development team to build intuitive and powerful solutions that catch the eye of users as well as the most seasoned FileMaker developers. This solution works with FileMaker Pro 11, FileMaker Server 11, and FileMaker Server Advanced 11.

The Calendar Developer Tool 11 is a complete calendaring application for a single or multi-user environment. The technical instructions provided with the application will provide you the opportunity to learn very powerful techniques for dynamic fields, scripting, relationships, account security, account management, and user interface. You no longer need to buy a plug-in or try to reverse engineer an existing calendar application. The Calendar Developer Tool 11 reveals how to do it all! There are no special licensing fees based on per-client seats. For $150 you get unrestricted access to use and modify your own solution at a single site. This saves companies and developer's thousands of dollars in licensing fees and development time.

New for the Calendar Developer Tool 11:

  1. Portal filters eliminate the need for dozens of table occurrences. You now only need 1 table occurrence to the event table.
  2. Conditional formatting eliminates the need for dozens of user interface fields.
  3. Native Instant Web Publishing and Local Area Network access with the same account.
  4. Streamlined code and user interface for fast performance over the web.
  5. FileMaker 11 features such as Tool Tips, Calendar Pop-up, and pop-up menus.
  6. Reduced number of scripts and fields.
  7. Main menu navigation system to make extending the system as easy as creating a new record.

Try before you buy. The download contains a fully functional demo. When you purchase the Calendar Developer Tool 11 you will receive the master password to unlock the databases and instructions.

Calendar Developer Tool 11 (2.6 MB)

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