Mission Statement

To provide industry leading, integrated data management systems for the life sciences industry.

Constantly innovate and add new products to meet customer demand, product life cycle, and changing market needs.

To provide industry leading FileMaker Pro solutions, consulting services, and commercial development for client-server, run-time, and web enabled database applications.

Letter from the Executive Board of Directors

Welcome to Formulations Pro, Inc. We have made outstanding progress in understanding our customer’s needs to expand our flagship product. Formulations Pro 9.0 is now on the fifth major upgrade covering more than 10 years of development. The latest version was literally re-written from the ground up to take advantage of every possible technology change. With it brings with an incredibly clear, and immensely powerful vision of where this company is going: to be the leader in providing the next generation work flow tools for integrating MRP, Quality Systems, and LIMS systems in the life sciences industry.

Focus on the User Experience
Our commitment to a compelling user experience has fueled the expansion of Formulations Pro. We have developed 38 commercial applications, which include everything from manufacturing, marketing, eCommerce, customer relationship management, R & D, supply chain management, quality control, and quality assurance. Our involvement with the FileMaker Business Alliance has provided tremendous opportunities and marketing information to drive our product's number one selling cross platform capabilities. With the breadth of our applications it is without a doubt that we provide our customers with more choices and the highest quality product at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Enhancing the Most Expandable Platform
With the hybrid MRP and LIMS life sciences opportunity in mind, we will continue to expand our product line. The FileMaker Pro platform provides us with tremendous expansion capabilities from industry standard ODBC and XML communication capabilities to integrate with legacy SQL and Oracle systems, to dynamic web applications, to Microsoft Office integration, and API plug-in architecture to expand the native capabilities of our software to work with any systems our clients already have in house.

Broadening our Markets
Our market research has indicated that there is tremendous opportunity to expand the business in several key market locations. There are over 8,000 companies that could benefit from the use of our products. With only 15% of small to mid sized companies using a MRP system we have the distinct opportunity to capture the lion's share of the market. We also have the unique place in the market to take advantage of expanding into new market segments such as the chemical and neutraceutical industry, which are coming under scrutiny from the FDA.

To support our expansion goals, the final phase for the acquisition of venture capital remains a strategic imperative. This funding will be used to expand our technical and marketing resources. We consider our technical staff to be the finest engineers available. Every engineer has advanced degrees and at least 20 years of experience in their discipline. They are also capable of managing all the facets of any project. Our marketing staff commands thorough knowledge of our products, customers, and the marketplace needs. They are key assets for our sales and marketing campaigns. You’ll see us more and more in a variety of media, from online to print and trade shows where we’ll be telling a powerful story about the power of Formulations Pro.

At Formulations Pro we all share a passion to succeed in this exciting industry. Indeed, we are creating this industry—drafting the blueprint, building the infrastructure, inventing the future. We are all pulling together, in sync, to power Formulations Pro forward. On behalf of everyone at Formulations Pro, we thank you for your confidence and support. We look forward to reporting on our progress in the years ahead.